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Siesta Support Services

Siesta Software Solutions offers superior technical support. Your annual license fee includes technical support via our online form.

Support options include:

  • Assitance in building your databases
  • On-site training
  • Periodic upgrades as they become available

Unlimited technical support, included with the price of your software, is available via e-mail, internet file transfers, online tutorials,
phone support, and on-site service. Siesta reserves the right to select the most efficient and effective method to provide the support.

Support requests will be handled in the following order:

Priority #1: Data is being corrupted
Priority #2: Program is encountering run-time errors or server errors, but data is not being corrupted
Priority #3: Report, projection and/or query is giving false information, but data is not corrupted
Priority #4: Modification is suggested for a routine, but routine is providing accurate information
Priority #5: New routine is being requested that does not require a change in file structure
Priority #6: New routine or modification is requested that requires a change in the file structure

If you are a customer and need technical support, please click here.